Eight Million Saved

The Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía has just reached a finding that will save the municipal coffers nearly 8-million euros for the original purchase of the Palacete La Najarra, which is the present day Tourist Information Office.

The previous owners of this emblematic building, dating from the end of the 19th Century launched a court appeal to have the premises re-valued and for the Town Hall to pay the difference; hence the 8m euros.

Said ex-owners, Rústicas Urbanas y Antigüedades, submitted their demand to the Town Hall in 2003, receiving no reply. Thanks to the new law, a non-reply is considered ‘Administrative Silence’ which translates into an affirmative response: i.e., in the face of silence, you are granted your request.

However, soon after the property was subjected to compulsory purchase at the end of the 80’s the affair was taken to court and the Chamber for Administrative Litigation of the Supreme Court settled on 132,7m pesetas in 1997.

The quantity of nearly 8-million euros is the difference between this original price and what a new valuation of the property would give.

The TSJA rejected the request for a re-valuation of the property.

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