Unjustified Expense?

Moving on from Teutonic films & breasts, together with sub-aquatic dope, we find ourselves before a political issue: the IU has denounced the ‘extra expense’ of half a million euros being spent on Almuñécar’s subterranean car parks.

According to the party leader, Fermín Tejero, the Town Hall closed the financial year of 2010 by splashing out the equivalent of 75 million pesetas on the new car-park installations of Velilla and San Cristóbal.

The company that was tasked with finishing off the installations presented a bill for an extra 464,020 euros for the added expense of having the construction work halted during the long building process.

The governing party promptly agreed to the demand, making two separate payments for 290,017 and 174,002 euros respectively.

“Instead of demanding explanations from the company, we, the citizens, have to foot the bill for the extra amount,” says Sr. Tejero. He asked los Almuñequeros to remember that the Mayor’s party and his supporters (a veiled reference to other opposition parties) rejected a proposal by the IU to demand an explanation from the company that managed the car-park projects up until the project was ‘bailed out’ with public funds from the municipal coffers.

“Now, the responsibility for the bad management and the inability of those that held responsibility for controlling the car-park projects is going to be made good with local taxpayers’ money,” he criticised.

Well, it’s like this, Sr. Tejero, not only did the business sector and townsfolk suffer the prolonged and ruinous car-park construction process, they also had to rescue it financially, using their tax money. As if this were not enough, both the Almuñécar businesses and the townsfolk are subsequently paying the added price of alternative parking being systematically wiped out, adding to the over-all impression that Almuñécar is doing everything short of barricading the entrances to the town to turn away tourism.

The question is, therefore, what do you and the other opposition parties intend to do about it?

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