Javier de Burgos

Got any idea who Javier de Burgos is? Neither did I until I read the original article.

Motril born Francisco Javier de Burgos was the Spanish Secretary of State after the death of Fernando VII. It was Javier de Burgos, born in 1778, who divided Spain up into its actual system of 49 provinces in 1833, which he based on the old kingdoms of Spain. He was also a journalist, playwright and Spanish translator, having translated the works of several classical poets. No wonder there is a school named after him in Motril.

Anyway, an association that bears his name is trying to get better recognition for the man in 2012, which is the 350th anniversary of the birth of Cardinal Belluga and the 150th anniversary of the birth of the renowned architect, Antonio Pinto y Ocete. Trouble is, the said association is not getting very far, there being a distinct lack of funds and interest coming from the Town Hall. Anyway, it’s a bit of general knowledge for you so you can say, “Did you know the guy who divided Spain into its present-day arrangement of provinces was born in Motril… Don’t expect to be stood a drink for it, mind.

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