Fewer Illegal Immigrants Arriving

Last year, 2010, will go down as the year during which fewest illegal immigrants reached the Costa Granadina in the last decade.

Back in the year 2000, only 410 immigrants attempted to reach the coast, but that was because the Málaga coast was still the easiest route. Then it went mad. During just one year over 3,000 immigrants were intercepted before they could reach their goal by the new coastal-based radar and infrared sensors (SIVE).

Although the authorities puts this drop in numbers down to the efficiency of the SIVE network, which is certainly an important factor, the economic woes of Spain and the subsequent impossibility of finding work has probably done more to deter new arrivals.

According to figures published by the Spanish Red Cross, 711 immigrants have been brought in via Motril Port after being intercepted still out at sea, either because they were detected or because they called for help in adverse crossing conditions rather than risking certain death.

Amongst those that reached the port, safe and sound, was a baby who was later given the name Happiness. This fortunate child was a survivor of a sinking ship that claimed the lives of five occupants; three women and two babies. It will also be remembered as the year that nine immigrants miraculously managed to cross the straits in a toy dinghy that one of them had bought in a toyshop.

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