Motril Rum on the Rocks?

Bodegas Montero (Ron Pálido) in Motril are going through a rough patch (difficult time), and who isn’t, though? The Almuñécar branch of The Royal Naval Association paid a visit to the rum factory a few months back and was collectively impressed by both the hospitality and installations.

But back in November, they perhaps had a drop of 50% in their sales, compared to the same period the previous year. Things aren’t helped by the big distributors who mercilessly squeeze the last penny from small companies such as Ron Montero, but in some cases refuse to take on new brands, even though customers are asking for them on the Costa Tropical.

But it’s not only the big-bad distribution giants; people are switching from rum to beer, when they go out because they can’t afford the costlier liquors – that is if they go out at all. Even though Montero hasn’t raised their prices, the increase in IVA back in July has done it for them.

So, how about helping the guys out by buying a bloody good bottle of rum – ask the ex-Royal Navy lads if it’s good or not!

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