Red Cross Help

At all times there are those who for whatever reason are unable to look after themselves or find themselves in serious difficulties, yet thanks to the handling of crisis by the inept autonomous communities and bloated Central Government, the numbers of people in difficulty, that is, poverty, has grown exponentially.


And thanks to the La Caixa which, with a budget for 2011 of half a billion euros, offer various programs around Spain with the aim of combating poverty and social exclusion, many everyday needs are now being covered.

In Loja the Red Cross has set up on their premises a laundromat, showers and toilets, available to those in need who are interviewed first to ascertain suitability for the program, which runs two days each week for six hours at a time. It’s a pleasant surprise that a bank is behind this, but no surprise that the government could give a toss about us all.

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