Men Don’t Multi-Task

One of the things I love about writing this column is the title Martin gives it. I’m so tempted this month to name it but shall wait and see if he thinks the same. Ok, bit long winded but funny. Men don’t multitask?

I know some that do but Chris does not. For example if he is engrossed in a conversation whilst driving and say we’re going to Motril, he’ll drive to the shop, like on auto pilot and I’ll have to say, “Motril,” as he heads down the wrong street.

Well the other day we were heading down the street that runs parallel to the Friday market. Lidl and McDonalds on the right etc. I’m telling him something and he’s really paying attention. He stops and I look forward to see why; it’s the zebra crossing by the Chinese restaurant and there are two pigeons walking across the crossing!

He’d done this automatically, as he was busy listening to me and as if this were not funny enough, because we stopped an old man in a white van stopped and there we all were stopped at the crossing while two birds crossed. The old man looked at us very confused at our actions and consequently his own, we all moved on quickly.

Thanks for all the clothes, blankets etc. Happy cats and dogs. Please keep it coming; any fabric will do that you no loner need. Please drop by if you are in any way able to adopt a dog; we have access to literally hundreds that need loving homes and some of them have been treated very badly.

The Channel 4 filming went well although they are coming back as Lisa came down with the local bug that’s going around so things got cut short.

I have been asked by Mrs Henrietta Winston-Grave to start a charity. Her husband died six months ago and she wants to put a lot of money into animal welfare. We have discussed starting the equivalent of the PDSA and offering free veterinary services to all who cannot afford, but Chris thinks I shouldn’t double lung transplant looming and all.

On a sadder note my dog puppy was run over and killed on Friday the 26th of November. I saw it happen it was a genuine accident. Love him. Miss him

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