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The following incident took place at the beginning of October but was not included in the November edition owing to a filing error. (Yet another!) Hey, I’m in the throes of moving house!

A 59-year-old German is being held in custody at the regional prison in Albolote, standing accused of murdering an 86-year-old Belgian man, who had allowed the accused to live in his garden in a caravan.

The accused, Gunter V.F. allegedly attacked Henri, who was the owner of the disappeared Camping El Pozuelo (Hotel Bahía Tropical now stands in its place) from behind with an iron bar. The attack reportedly took place in the garden of the older man’s house.

Deceased Henri had lived in Almuñécar for around 50 years and had known Gunter V.F. for many years. The accused used to work on the campsite but once it was closed down, the owner allowed him live on his own property, as mentioned above – an arrangement that continued for around ten years.

However, four years ago the property owner told him that the living arrangement had to end, as Gunter no longer worked for him, explained the victim’s widow. The Belgian took the affair before the Guardia Civil, placing several ‘denuncias,’ but to no avail. Finally, a judge, towards the end of September, filed a court order that forbade the German from approaching the Belgian’s property, however the document was not received until after Henri’s death.

The judge decided to put G.V.F behind bars, pending trial, because it was considered that there exists a high risk of the accused ‘disappearing’ owing to his scarce economical resources here.

Such was the gravity of the injuries received that the victim was immediately helivacked (moved by helicopter) to Traumatología (hospital) in Granada, but to no avail, as he died that same night.

“I saw Gunter hitting my husband with an iron bar. I shouted for Kiko to help (a carpenter who was working in the house at the time), which was lucky for me,” explained Carmen, the widow.

Finally, according to the lawyer of the victim’s family, Gunter said when questioned by the Guardia Civil “he didn’t know whether he felt remorse, but that he felt that a great weight had been lifted from him.”

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