RNA (club info)

1. Introduction & welcome

1.1 Dave opened the meeting & welcomed everyone.

2. Minute

2.1 September minute agreed as circulated.

3. Financial update

3.1 September account agreed as circulated.

4. Trafalgar Night dinner, Oct 22nd

4.1 There are 20 attending the Trafalgar Night dinner at a cost of 31 euro per head.

4.2 The meeting agreed a subsidy of 10 euro from central funds for Branch members.

4.3 Branch members & partners paid the cost of the dinner at the meeting. 31 euro per head to be paid by guests on the night.

4.4 Volunteer readers are:-
Nelson’s Prayer – Peter
1st reading – Pat
2nd reading – John
3rd reading – Mike
Speaker – Jim

5. Raffle

5.1 Val reminded everyone to bring prizes for the Traf Nite raffle. The Branch prize is a gift box containing 2 bottles of Motril’s finest rum. (action – members & guests to bring raffle prizes to the dinner)

6. Donations to charities

6.1 Val pointed out that an annual pattern for charitable donations has emerged. The charity of choice 2010 was H4H, 2009 AECC (cancer charity) & 2008 a donation to the disabled children of Almunecar.

6.2 The meeting agreed that annual donations should continue therefore the next donation will be in 2011.
6.3 The meeting also agreed that the proceeds of the 2010 Trafalgar night raffle should go to central funds for the benefit of the branch. (action – annual charitable donations to continue; proceeds of the 2010 Trafalgar night raffle to go into central funds for the benefit of the branch)

6. Remembrance Sunday (14 Nov)

6.1 Dave & Heather will attend the service in Malaga, Dave will place the wreath but asked for a volunteer to take the reading. There were no takers at the meeting but Simon has since volunteered.

7. AOB

7.1 Dave advised the meeting he would be wearing a skirt, dirk & dagger & asked everyone to also dress appropriately (*och aye the noo Jimmy).

(*In Scotland, “Och aye the noo Jimmy” means…
(a) Nothing whatsoever. (b) Whassup James, my man? (c) Mmmmm, haggis! (d) An Englishman! Get him! (e) Hell no, I’m not going to buy you a drink. (f) None of the above. (g) Any of the above, depending)

(Refreshment bill for 12 October ’10 meeting = 28 euro)

Date of next meeting Tues 9 November 2010, 13.00, Argentina Steakhouse, Paseo Velilla, Almunecar.

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