Not Quite Right

Talking of the Blue Zone, how is it that nobody has seriously complained about the state of the said parking area? I mean, with the indecent amount that is made by the company that manages the Blue Zones over the last year, how is it that they cannot afford to tarmac areas?

If you are going to charge people to park, there are norms and regulations concerning the parking conditions; their quality and safety. If you decided to open a car park, you would have to fight through mounds of paperwork and wait endless months for the relevant permits… and then inspectors would be round every five minutes to fine you for not having special places for Barbie’s boyfriend’s sport car or adequate marshalling area for a possible Space Shuttle emergency landing.

Soooo, why is it that drivers have to risk losing their plastic bumpers when they descend from the tarmac road to the dirt parking area? Why has the Town Hall not demanded that this work be carried out, because you can bet your grandmother’s false teeth that they would be on you in a flash if it were the terrace of your bar that was deficient?

The answer is, of course, that the Town Hall would have to fine itself for not carrying out the work, as they provide the facilities and a private company collects Revolution Tax from already overtaxed motorists. And besides, how could our politicians pay themselves their bloated salaries if they had to divert the succulent ‘swag’ from the Blue Zones to other, more mundane, priorities?

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