British Embassy Newsletter – August

Looking for work? If so, the following sources may be of help: Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal – or 901 119 999

EURES network – job opportunities throughout Europe. See

The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion was recently awarded the “Best
Partnership Award” from the IMA (Institute of Money
Advisors), for recognition of its highly successful Benefits and
Money Advice Service.

The service is a collaboration between The Royal British
Legion, The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and Citizens
Advice Bureaux-offering advice on a range of welfare and
benefits issues including money and debt advice.

While the advisors are unable to advise on Spanish debt a
number of our beneficiaries here in Spain have received
advice regarding their English debt – thus ensuring that they
receive the support they need to live free from financial

If you have any enquires regarding welfare please contact
Donna,uk. Tel: 952352300, option 1, then 7.

Age Concern España is a registered charity, relying entirely
on the generosity of our donors for financial support.
Without such aid we would not be able to provide the
service that so many elderly British nationals in our
communities need. We would like to extend thanks to the
following organisations and individuals who have donated
their time and/or funds to help us continue our work.

Clinica Juaneda, Mallorca –donated funds towards helping
train our volunteer caseworkers.

Harvard Private Client, Málaga – our Silver Sponsors at the
British Consulate Spring Garden Party. They have made a
further donation towards the casework service.

Ben Giddings, Web Manager, British Embassy, Madrid –
donated his time to help us develop a new website which
will be unveiled shortly.

And not forgetting, of course, our volunteer case workers!

The information provided in this publication is given in good faith. At the time of publication, all efforts have been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate. The
contributors of this document accept no liability for the content of this publication, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.

Top 5 Tips for Workers:

• If you are working in Spain, you should apply in writing for any pension or benefit through the Spanish authorities

• Make sure you mention on your benefit application any previous work you have done in other EEA countries (including the UK) and any dependants you have – this may increase your entitlement

• If you have worked a combined total of 15 years in Spain and any other EEA country, you may be entitled to a Spanish state pension.

• Contributing as autonomo does not give you entitlement to
unemployment benefit although if you sign-on for a year you may be entitled to a benefit called ‘Renta Activa de Inserción’

• If you are autonomo, it is essential you inform the TGSS when you stop work to avoid building up a debt to social security.

Spanish pension/benefits information – or

If you are working in Spain, you are subject to Spanish social security legislation.

What is the TGSS?

The Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social (TGSS) is the organisation in Spain responsible for registering employers and workers and collecting national insurance contributions. Our equivalent in the UK would be HM
Revenue and Customs.

If you are working in Spain, whether as an employee or as self employed, you should be registered with the TGSS. The services they provide include:

• Registering and de-registering employers and workers on the social security system

• Assigning social security numbers

• Managing the collection of social security

• Providing social security contribution records, the ‘vida laboral’. You can request this by telephone (901 50 20 50) or via the social security website

Working in Spain

If you are working in Spain: you should have a social security number and speak with your employer about paying national insurance contributions if you are not yet doing so.

If you are self employed: you need to register with the TGSS as an autonomo and pay contributions directly to them. Register by completing form TA-521

Paying national insurance contributions if you are working in Spain is important. Doing so builds up your entitlement to a pension and certain benefits. Also, as Spain operates a contributions-based healthcare system, paying social security contributions will ensure you, and any dependants, are covered for medical treatment.

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