New Medical Centre

The new medical centre, situated in the Varadero (port quarters) will be able to cover the needs of some 3,500 locals, according to the Mayor, Carlos Rojas. In other words, it will provide a medical service for the residents not only of El Varadero, but also of Santa Adela and Zona Sur of Motril.

On the 14th of last month, the first brick was laid, assisted by the Mayor, the Provincial Delegate for Public Health, Elvira Ramón and a smattering of councillors, for good measure. The new building will contain around 800 sq/m, four doctor’s surgeries (consultorios), paediatrician service, training rooms, amongst other facilities.

But it’s not only a medical centre – which will occupy the first floor – but it will also be a small civic centre, where locals can hold meetings, attend education courses and have the odd piss up.

The ceremony of laying the first stone, as most know, is not really the commencement of work, which in this case was scheduled to begin at the end of this month, and will be – hopefully – concluded in ten months.

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