Beetle Doom

The Escarabajo (red beetle) has now well and truly got its clutches into the Washington palm trees on the coast and has set off an alarm signal from the Agricultural Department of Parks and Gardens in Motril. It appears the situation with regard to these little monsters destroying palms has now been declared to be at a level of ‘uncontrollable.’
They tell us that when the weather hots up, these little devils are really going to start getting to work and are therefore issuing a warning to us all that the situation is going to get worse and to protect your trees as best you can.
Up to now, the red beetle had been attacking the Phoenix palms but has now decided that the Washington palm is also quite a tasty alternative. The Agricultural department say they are working ‘intensely’ to try to get rid of the red beetle but as the saying goes, there is not point shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

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