Telefonica Abuse?

Telefónica phone abuse? We have been hearing stories of foreign residents here with Telefónica phone connections that have noticed high charges being made on their bills when they are not even in the country and no one is using the house!
Having received a high bill and looking through the itemised details, they are finding a ‘World Premium’ charge is made at up to 35 euros for half an hour which is stuck right down at the bottom of the details. Telefonica have confirmed to one unlucky recipient of a World-Premium charge that this is an adult entertainment line.
We are reliably informed that there are at least four other foreigners who have also been hit with these charges and who strongly deny that they, or anyone else in their household, have been tinkering around late at night listening to adult porn over their phone line. One Telefónica user had the charges rescinded only to then find a debt collector hot on his heels which is pretty irritating considering he is a retired professional gentleman who wasn’t using his house and wasn’t even in the country over the period they say the calls were made.
Did you know that Telefónica can put your phone line on ‘hold’ if you are out of the country for several months at a time?

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