More Poor

Almost one thousand Almuñequeros have approached Cáritas (church charity) because they have no money to even buy food. On the Cáritas ‘books’ are 256 families. And of course, that’s only the official number because many are in desperate need but pride will not let them ask for help. However, for the many unemployed, whose dole and other government benefit allowance have run their course, it is only a matter of time before they do make the move. Many children have been sent to live with grandparents and the parents themselves are living with relatives because they have lost their homes.
For this reason, Caritas has begun a campaign called Operación Kilo, which comprises of donors handing in a kilo or two of food to the various collection points around town. The said collection points are the following: The main church at the top of the hill, the new church in the P-4 and the baker in the municipal market (Panadería Caribe) run by Inma.
Some of the most needed items are disposable nappies for babies, believe it or not, but a kilo of any dry or canned food would be very gratefully accepted. You can also contact the Anglican Church here, as this is a joint operation to help those in need.

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