Rastro Boot Sale

Oh, dear, oh dear. If it’s not the weather, it’s the economy. I’m sitting at the Mac, trying hard to find something positive to write – as yet another thunderstorm rages overhead, deluging us with even more rain. It’s difficult to find something positive to write about, but there was a bright spot: the first ‘Eco Rastro,’ or boot sale, was held in El Parque de la Fuente on February 6th.
A joint venture between the International Club of Salobreña and the Town Hall, the event was a considerable success, despite the lousy weather, with about €300 being raised towards new playground equipment for El Parque de la Fuente. An additional success was the number of Spanish people attending the event, so the appeal is broad and not just limited to the expatriate community.
The first Saturday of each month is now dedicated to this event so, please, think about donating your surplus ‘stuff.’ Contact milarami@gmail.com, or call Helen on 958 617 104. For €7.00, you can even have your own stall, space permitting. We had a discussion in our house, but apparently, my Management did not think I would fetch a decent price!

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