Antonio Martín Quirós – Artist

Antonio is 32 years old and is a true ‘born and bred’ son of Almuñécar. He came to study art quite late in life compared to most, undertaking a Bachelor of Arts in Motril then in college in Granada, although his love of the subject was with him from an early age.
His vibrant and exciting works will be on display at the Calmar Gallery in Almuñécar that is next to the aqueduct and the Chamber of Commerce in Almuñécar. The exhibition will be on until April 27th.
Antonio’s work is abstract, and in general quite large, with an interesting depth, created by thick applications to the canvas which draw the observer in towards the work, all combined with a clever use of colour, make this interesting artists work well worth a look. He claims influence from the likes of Kandinsky, Pollock, Rothko and Tapies, and every one of these artists can be detected somewhere in his intelligent works, but if I had to make a judgement on style… it would be somewhere between Wassily Kandinsky and Antonio Tapies, and that’s not a bad place to have your work placed.
Make sure you get along to look at Antonio’s work before April 27th.

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