10,000-Euro Winner

Courtesy of Infocostatropical

Courtesy of Infocostatropical

The Front Page headline could have been: ‘Mayor Acquitted Again,’ but as it’s January and the beginning of a new year, we decided to start off 2010 on a non-political note.

The Business Association of Almuñécar decided to run a lottery or draw with a 10,000-euro prize: all the association members, and many others, encouraged members of the public to buy the lottery tickets and thus support local businesses, as well as have the chance to be the lucky winner!

The prize winner would have to spend 10,000 euros in one day in the shops and businesses among the 163 members of the Asociación de Comercientes de Almuñécar. Mari José Mingorance and Jesús Amadador Reyes were the winners of the draw.

Salobreña has been running this idea for two years very succesfully; Almuñécar has obviously taken good note.

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