Paseo Statues

ALM Syrians OnLHave you seen the stone carvings on the Paseo del Altillo? They’re courtesy of our Syrian sculptors that have in previous years decked out the Parque Majuelo with their works.

Five marble sculptures have been placed along the length of the upper paseo: El Ángel del Almuñécar, Orgullo Mediterráneo, Simbiosis Marina, Represetnación de los Bailes and La Memoria del Cuerpo.

The first represents a woman emerging from the sea. The second belongs to the artist group’s coordinator, Aktham Abdulhamid. The third is the figure of a woman that symbolises all the inhabitants of the Mediterranean area. The fourth symbolises Flamenco and Arabic dances and the last, which has the form of the body of a woman, is a criticism against machismo.

These sculptures were moved from the Parque Majuelo, where they were formed, to the Paseo del Altillo; an operation that caused a great deal of nail-biting and hand wrenching, owing to their considerable weight and fragility.

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