Queen Fabiola of Belgium

Queen Fabiola of Belgium has been exciting Motril again with a visit to her house, Villa Astrida, in Playa Granada (near the golf course) during October. Now 81-years old and having been hospitalized with pneumonia in January 2009, she returned to enjoy her annual holiday here in the warmer climate.
The National Police keep a constant vigil on the house while she is in residence and journalists and cameras have been spotted outside waiting for a glimpse of her.
Born in Madrid on 11th of June 1928, she married King Baudouin of Belgium in 1960. On 31 July 1993 King Baudouin died while on holiday at Villa Astrida and was succeeded by his brother, who became Albert II of the Belgians.
Queen Fabiola is most famous for her hairstyle that hasn’t changed in decades and is a devout Roman Catholic although her association with Opus Dei remains controversial within Belgium. In addition to her native Spanish, Queen Fabiola speaks fluent French, Dutch, English, German and Italian. Clearly, she is adored by the people of Motril.

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