Food Bank Raided

Ruthless robbers recently ransacked the premises of the Food Bank organization here in Motril. They got away with 200 kilos of foods and two computers.
The Town Hall has shown its solidarity to those volunteers who work so hard for the organization in distributing food to those who desperately need it and will replace the two computers and will also now step up security with the aid of the local police.
A company in Motril has created a tourist route relating to the chirimoya that will allow tourists to participate in all the processes, from the pruning to the distribution.
This ‘initiative’ will kick off in the last weekend of October with a visit from twenty Brazilian industrialists and is being promoted by the Telechirimoya Company. This wonderful idea to create tourist routes through the chirimoya plantations is apparently meant to add yet another exclusive resource for tourism in Motril which already enjoys the sun and beaches of the Tropical Coast. I think I would rather watch paint dry.

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