Hospital Pay-Out

Motril Hospital has got itself into the news in a rather unhealthy manner and has now to make a payment of 10,870 euros to a patient known as E.M.M.
The patient arrived at the Emergency Department on 29 November 2006 having had gastric pain and vomiting for a 3-day period. She was sent away with a diagnosis of constipation. E.M.M. visited the hospital a further three times up to 11th of December and each time got the same verdict although on the fourth visit a consultation with a specialist was arranged for the 2nd of January 2007.
E.M.M. then went private to get a quick result where she was given the devastating news that she had cancer of the colon. The judges in Motril were not too impressed with the doctor who had given the wrong diagnosis on four occasions and had omitted to carry out tests that would have demonstrated the existence of the carcinoma.

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