Lobras vs. Phone Masts

The placing of a mobile-telephone mast right next to the Lobras sports centre will be earning Telefónica no Christmas cards this year – nobody in this small village likes it being there.
Firstly, for many it’s an eyesore, sitting right at the entrance to the village, and secondly, because of the widely held belief that it will fry ya’ brains… sneakily.
Accordingly, the good folk of Lobras, and the odd bad one too, want it moved to the most distant spot of the municipality.
One local, Gerardo Romera Arriza, said, “I am one of many of the inhabitants of Lobras who is against the mobile-phone mast, which has been installed with the connivance of the Town Council that runs this village,” adding, “and I’m saying this because the mast was not erected were it was agreed in the last town-council meeting, which means that there has been a ‘document falsity’ with the affair.”
Apparently, during this council meeting it was agreed that the mast would be placed in the El Mirador area of the municipality, something that has been entirely set aside to slap the blighter down next to the sports centre
As for the complaints about it being down-right ugly, it should be taken into account that Lobras, together with La Tahá and Pitres were declared Sitio Histórico y Bien de Interés Cultural de la Alpujarra Media Granadina, which means that you can’t just paint the whole village fluorescent orange and build multi-storey MacDonald’s all over the place.

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