Water Museum

Water is hardly a thing of the past in Lanjáron but the history of Lanjarón’s aquatic empire is, hence El Museo del Agua, which is located where the municipal slaughter yard was.
This new tourist attraction is part of the Plan de Dinamización Turística de la Alpujarra Granadina, which basically translates for kick-arse tourist rustling and enjoys a budget of 400,000 euros, which was generously provided by the Junta de Andalucía’s Tourism Board and the Lanjarón Town Council.
The museum – which is yet to be officially inaugurated – has already opened its doors so that students on the Cultura-del-Agua course could have a butcher’s (look) at the Balneario (spa).
The museum itself sits next to the river at the very gates of the Parque Natural de Sierra Nevada; i.e. the beginning of the scenic footpath up into the mountain park area of Tello and Ventura. The building itself is divided into three halls: in the first you will be able to see the route of the water from its source as snowfall to its ultimate destination in the Mediterranean – passing through valleys and people’s digestive systems.
In the second hall, visitors can see the different uses that water is put to in Lanjarón as an economic resource. There you can see the traditional irrigation systems used in the Alpujarra, as well as the water treatment in the spas and the water-bottling plants.
In the third hall, there is a pictorial history of Lanjarón
The Mayor, Mariano Ruiz (just in case you’ve forgotten his illustrious name) said, “Water from the Sierra Nevada is channelled through the museum from the river, as well as the old municipal wash house (lavadero), and the agriculture in the valley.”

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