80,000-Euro Scam

The Guardia Civil, hitherto known as the Green Meanies, arrested a couple from the Alpujarra region for allegedly scamming 80,000 euros from their victims… bless them.
According to the police, the couple used several false identities and inexistent bank account details to order from Spanish companies only to never pay for the goods – is nothing sacred?
The Judicial Police Department of the Órgiva Guardia Civil post opened an investigation after they received several complaints from different companies concerning a store in the Alpujarra, whose bank payments they were unable to charge, because the bank details were false.
After jumping into a patrol car and stopping for a few cañas and tapas on the way – perhaps – the police discovered that the store had been rented out to our Mickey-Mouse bank account friends, who, by the way, owed a lot of back rent, according to the landlord.
The police also discovered that all the goods that the couple received, they sold for amounts well below market prices. Further investigation uncovered the fact that the man and his girlfriend allegedly operated under at least three different false identities and that the bank-account details given belonged to unsuspecting third parties.
“When the companies tried to bill the merchandise to the given bank account, they found that the names and account numbers did not correspond, causing the bank to return the bill unpaid,” said a spokesman for the Guardia Civil.
Do we know the nationalities of the suspects or what town they operated from? Of course not; this is the Seaside Gazette, not a crystal ball, but should we come across more details, we shall gleefully publish them next month, Folks.

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