Day Centre for the Elderly

The Archbishop of Granada has ceded its old persons’ home in Lanjarón to the Town Hall, which is in the middle of converting it to a day centre for the elderly. The funds for the building work are coming from the Central Government as part of the Fondo Estatal de Inversión Local; i.e. emergency state funds to help lessen the negative affects of the economic blues and to provide temporary employment to the teeming masses out of work.
The conversion work, which has a budget of 139,500 euros, should be concluded before the year is out. Thanks to a further grant of 76,000 euros, from the Board of Equality and Welfare, this town-centre building will utilize renewable energy technology.
The Mayor, Mariano Ruiz, pointed out that the new day centre will eventually employ a staff of ten and will be able to attend to 30 people with dependency problems.
The sort of service that the centre will provide includes: personal hygiene, a meal service (breakfast, lunch and dinner), support and counselling for the centre users as well as their families, medical and psychological attention, transport to and from homes, social-cultural activities (Death Dominoes and Strip Poker), chiropody/podiatry and an impressive ‘etc.’
Well, there you go – a big thanks to the Archbishop and the Central Government and a well done for the Town Hall.

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