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Vanessa OnLHello everybody and Yes; welcome to the Alpujarra Angle of the Seaside Gazette!
After a couple of years planning a big change in my life, finally the wind has blown the cloud of destiny to Lanjarón, where I live now after an extensive search for a nice home for me and my son around the area. Well, I’m more than delighted to be here and I’m already deeply in love with the Barranco (Río de Lanjarón)! There is a place called Huerta de las Monjas and it is well worth a visit, if you are visiting the area. I ’m going to celebrate my 31st birthday with a long walk around the area with my friends! That’s a pretty healthy way of celebrating a birthday, right?
While I was writing this, I heard a fire engine and an ambulance passing by, and later on at school, some mothers – one of the best sources for local news – were talking about the incident: A lady in her late 40’s with well known mental problems, caused a fire in the living room at her apartment in a place know as Los Mariscos, right in the town centre and she had to be taken to the hospital with several burns. From what they said, she lives by herself. Let’s hope she is back home soon.
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