More Blue Zones

On the 5th of September it was announced that a further 300 free parking spaces would be converted to blue-zone parking behind the San Cristóbal beach road. With this latest addition, Calles Mar de Plata and Amelia Sánchez will join the other streets already affected where in July 400 free parking slots turned ‘blue.’
The justification used by the Town Hall was that this increase would ‘foster rotation in the area,’ at the petition of the Head of the Local Police.
In effect, virtually all of the San Cristóbal area is blue zone, which leads the leader of the socialist opposition party, Francisco Prados, to consider it as pressure to force residents into buying parking slots in the underground parking.
“This is just another of the Mayor’s follies,” said Sr Prados, adding that blue-zone parking has already spread through the entire centre and tourist zones of Almuñécar, using the ‘rotation’ excuse. He considers, however, that it is just another move to bring in more money.
“The parking problem belongs to July and August but there is no rotation problem now, so it makes little sense to ‘batten down the hatches’ of San Cristóbal with B.Z parking, leaving it without free parking,” he concluded.

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