Alzheimer’s Allocation

BBK Caja de Ahorros has allocated 13,000 euros towards activities at AFA VIDA in Almuñécar, and will help fund the new and innovative computer system that will assist in a cognitive stimulation program.
The money will go towards a series of brilliant activities and services all geared towards Alzheimer’s care in Almuñécar, including the purchase of a new computer with a touch screen, which will allow early stage sufferers to do brain stimulation exercises to improve their cognitive abilities in such areas as calculation, language, attention, memory or orientation.
This wonderful new piece of kit will allow staff to customise each patient’s session depending on their particular stage of the disease.
The bank are also working on various campaigns to find new non-pharmacological treatments and even activities within the volunteer program. All the ideas and programs have the sole aim of improving the quality of life for sufferers and their families. AFA VIDA is currently the only group working in the field of Alzheimer’s in the entire area of the Costa Tropical.
In 2009 BBK savings bank gave 184,000 euros to a total of ten projects in Andalucia, mostly towards the caring of people with disabilities and illnesses. The money will go towards improving the infrastructure and healthcare resources, various awareness campaigns and the comprehensive care of sick people and to their families and carers.

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