Three Tragic Deaths

There were three tragic deaths in Almuñécar, prior to our closing the September edition. Two motorbike accidents produced to fatalities on the same day and a man drowned in a private swimming pool two days later.
Starting with the latter, on the 6th of August a 40-year-old man was found drowned in the private pool belonging to Los Pirámides aparment block in San Cristóbal.
According to witnesses, José M.J.L., went down to the pool in the early hours of the morning to cool off – it was a very hot night – but it was not until 7:15 in the morning that his body was discovered, when somebody saw the body floating face down in the pool from his balcony.
Although the man rushed down to aid the person in the pool, it was to no avail, as the man was long dead – the coroner put his death down to around four in the morning.
The first bike accident occurred on the main road near the Barrio San Juan junction, (above the industrial estate). Miguel Ángel Almendros Caro, 34-years old, was married with two children; one of two and the other of five.
Miguel was returning home from work when he collided with a car that was carrying out an illegal manoeuvre, by turning left out of the industrial estate, invading the oncoming lane.
Miguel was a popular member of the Almuñécar Cycling Club and also a member of the Semana Santa brotherhood, Los Dolores.
On the same day, Marcos Antonio Salado Novo died on the Velilla road when he failed to see a car manoeuvring to park. Although the 17-year-old victim was wearing a crash helmet the impact dealt a blow to his neck.
He was a very popular member of the Puerto del Mar secondary school and was a passionate member of the Semana Santa brotherhood, La Borriquita.
In response to the three deaths, Almuñécar held three official days of mourning.

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