Very Few Jellyfish

There was at least some good news in Almuñécar this summer; there were hardly any jellyfish, during July and August. In fact, during the whole of July, Protección Civil only had to treat 1,478 jellyfish stings – admitted, they were all on one man’s leg… (Just joking!)
Now, you might find it strange that last summer, when there were whole herds of the bastards snuggling up to the beaches, the P.C. only had to treat 426 bathers! Yet this year’s figure was four times higher – why? Because as there were no large shoals of Hell’s Angel Jellyfish, people bathed in the sea more. So the few jellyfish that were lurking out there had their work cut out for them, keeping up their reputation.
The more cynical amongst us consider that the jellyfish were tipped off about the sprawling blue-zones and horrendous parking problems and decided to spend their summer break elsewhere…
Another telling figure, mind, was that of the first fortnight of August along Velilla Beach – they only had 32 call outs.
By the way, this year was the 18th birthday of Protección Civil in Almuñécar, which is a totally volunteer-based organisation, whose task is to provide assistance on beaches and at large public gatherings, such as concerts or political rallies.

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