Dry Marina for Salobreña

If you are lucky enough to own a small boat in Salobreña, you will be pleased to know that the new dry ‘parking area’ for small craft will be opening sometime in July.
Up to now, boats were just being run up onto the beach and left, but can now be left safely in the dry ‘parking area’ at the end of the paseo.
The dry marina will have a mechanical winch system to launch and recover the boats, thus saving muscles and backs during the hard work of a manual launch or recovery. The idea is that this will get rid of the some 200 boats, some believed to be abandoned, from the beach, allowing more room for bathers.
The dry marina is a space of some 4,000 square metres and will include and children’s play area and a sports area for volleyball, badminton and table tennis… and will be open every day of the year.
The security of the boats will be monitored by 24-hour coverage by CCTV cameras.
However… all is not going to be plain sailing, as the group Ecologistas en Acción (Ecologists in Action) has reported the Town Hall to Costas and the Andaluz Water Board for the encroachment into the river mouth area of Guadalfeo to install a ‘private business’ for the parking of boats, which they believe will be of grave detriment to the flora and fauna of the area.
Their other complaint is that the Town Hall of Salobreña was given permission to build a municipal ‘river park’ in the area, but instead “has permitted a private enterprise to build a dry boat-park, for more than 200 boats.” They also allege that the children’s play park, bar and sports facilities have been put forward “disguised as a social club.”
The group believe that the building works and intrusive facilities would “destroy” a valuable ecological site of sugar cane and reed beds, which are a refuge for several species of protected birds. The arguments and counter arguments continue.

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