Violence at Santa Ana

Two members of staff were assaulted in the Accident & Emergency department of the Santa Ana Hospital on the night of the 23rd of June. The offender is believed to be a youth, with previous convictions, who entered the hospital in a state of anger, and spoke with the two administrators, and then, without warning, started hurling abuse and lashing out at them.
The youth, who is a resident of Motril, identified as J.M.A.C., also attacked the Head of A&E as well as a security guard and was arrested a few hours later after the injured parties had made their statements to police.
Sources at the Provincial Delegation of Health said that the directives for the Health Service Management of South Granada pertaining to Motril Hospital activated their protocols against aggression towards staff and made a complaint against the alleged offender.
The two victims were interviewed and offered both psychological and legal assistance to their staff. A meeting was also called in front of the doors of the A&E department for staff to demonstrate their solidarity against aggression towards health workers in general.
The meeting was attended by the UGT (the union that includes health workers), and their delegate, Eduardo Muñoz, was vociferous in condemning the aggression against workers. He said that while there is absolutely no justification for the use of violence, the situation is not helped by the feeling of tension and stress felt by those awaiting treatment.

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