10% Off Laundry

The brilliant, family-run Lavanderia Avenida in Almuñécar is opposite the Costa Banana apartment blocks, just as you enter town at the Guardia Civil junction on the right, and they are offering 10% off all their services!
All you have to do is use the 10% off coupon from their ad here in the Gazette. Of course, it is understandable that you may not want to deface your copy of the wonderfully entertaining Gazette, so if you turn up with a copy under your arm, you may just get away with it!
After forty years in business, Lavenderia Avenida could teach some of these so-called, high flyers a thing or two about surviving in business during an economic downturn. They’ve seen off economic turmoil on more than one occasion over the years and have always survived…
Why? Simple: they know what they are good at, and provide a service that is both efficient and cost effective, to both commercial and domestic customers. With a pick-up and delivery service and English spoken, you get exactly what you would expect from such a long standing business, because if they don’t know what they’re about, then nobody does!
So get down there with all your laundry before the summer, and make sure you take your Gazette! Or at least a little bit of it.
Lavenderia Avenida, Avda. Costa de Sol 37, Almuñécar, 958 881 365.

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