Aircon Time!

It’s that time of year again, so have you been serviced lately? Well, all air conditioning systems should be serviced every six months, although most people choose to have theirs serviced annually, and for domestic use this is acceptable. However, for commercial units, you really should be sticking to the 6-month rule.
Now I could blab on here about damage that can occur if you don’t get the refrigerant gases topped up to the correct levels and how they carry oils around the system to lubricate and cool all the parts of your system, and even low levels can cause much higher running costs and the potential to overheat, but sorry; this is getting very technical and boring.
All you need to know is that summer is just about upon us so get that system serviced! But how do I get that done, I hear you all ask?
Just call Michael at Cool Energy and he will give you all the advice you need, whether it’s just to re-charge your vehicle, air-conditioning system, or to carry our repairs to an industrial or domestic system, and not only can he install complete new systems, but he can even do repairs to refrigeration units, both industrial and domestic… so think twice before slinging that old fridge or freezer out!
To be honest, I had loads more really boring technical stuff to tell you, but it comes down to whether you want to sweat your cobs off this summer or relax in cool air conditioned bliss! I suggest you give Michael a ring now on 651 198 409.

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