Environmental Information Centre

Juan José Ruiz Joya, the Councillor for La Herradura, has presented a motion at a Town-Hall meeting, proposing that the Department of the Environment at the Junta de Andalucía, set in motion the actions necessary “to set about building an Information Centre in playa de Cantarriján.”
Ruiz Joya also proposed that the department be made aware of the willingness of the Town Hall in Almuñécar to ‘coordinate and collaborate’ in any aspect considered to be opportune.
“The PP believe it is necessary to put into motion the building of a temporary Information Centre for summer and Semana Santa, for people to understand and learn the value of this protected area, the environment, local culture and spectacular views, all in on centre, where everyone with a similar regard can learn more,” he said.
“There would be available enough information about indigenous flora, regional history and the creation of walks and routes for walkers and ramblers as well as scientific groups and universities and all in conjunction the other visitors who just want to get onto the beach and enjoy the sun,” Sr. Joya continued.
The Councillor argued for this proposition because, after many protests on the part of bar owners and bathers, the Junta de Andalucía restricted access to Playa de Cantarriján. Ruiz Joya reminded that with the restricted access came a barrier to stop vehicular access to the beach.
“The PP believes that the Junta should invest in restricting access, they cannot ‘ease off’ when dealing with the ecological value of this area, to attract visitors with a variety of interests,” he concluded.

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