In a Roundabout Way…

First of all I saw a man arrive in Calle Real, outside my place, and erect his large instrument… he was with a young woman who proceeded to look into his instrument whilst another man stood further up the road firmly gripping his pole. What is going on I thought to myself!
Now, I have spoken to my undercover reporter who is the font of all knowledge, namely Cliff at El Ancla, and he tells me that the same sort of thing was happening on his side of the river in Calle del Rambla de Espinar, and his investigations have revealed that they are starting work on a new roundabout at the top end of the dry riverbed to enable the circulation of traffic around both sides in a one way system.
At last! After years of promises, it looks like that, within a matter of months, you will be able to go up Calle del Rambla de Espinar, then go round the new roundabout at the top, where the last footbridge is currently situated, and onto Calle Real, which for those of us that live on that side of the river will be a bonus indeed… no more turning off at El Salon, then the three-day, camel trek to the top of the world, and back down again, just to get to somewhere, merely a few metres up from El Dia!
Cliff has managed to access to the plans, which he photographed with his Zipp-sized camera, which reveal the works are expected to last four months, and looking out there today, it appears they have already removed the large trees and marked out the area.
In all seriousness, this will be of great benefit to the village, easing congestion and enabling easier and safer circulation… we hope.

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