Almuñécar Drug Ring

The Guardia Civil also dismantled a drug ring in town, which also specialised in monetary forgery. Six men between the ages of 20 and 32 were arrested in this police operation, codenamed Duque.
Five of the gang are from Almuñécar and the sixth is from Granada. The gang leader is a known delinquent, who was recently injured in an incident involving firearms.
The police also carried out five house searches, finding 168 false 50-euros notes, and a pistol (Blow .380) with 79 rounds of ammunition of this calibre, 111 doses of cocaine, 400 doses of hashish, four fine-balanced weighing scales, and a partridge that was nowhere near a pear tree.
Almuñécar’s judicial branch of the Guardia Civil detachment had been working on this operation since last October, after observing that several members of the said gang were into small-time drug peddling.

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