Drug Bust

A Frenchman living in Motril was sentenced to three years in jail after being caught unawares by the Guardia Civil with a whopping 21 kilos of hash, stuffed into suitcases, stashed in the back of his car.
Police in Almuñécar, who found him sleeping in his car on the side of the N-340, caught J.C.C. on the 14th of February 2008. After inspecting the vehicle they came across the not-so-subtle brown taped packages, each containing 25 blocks of hash, stuffed into several suitcases and tucked under the seats of the car.
The value of the haul was estimated at more than 30,000 euros and J.C.C., after picking up the goods up in Morocco, was planning on flogging the drugs on the black market in Spain. For the foreseeable future however looks like J.C.C. will be sleeping in a prison cell as opposed to his drug-laden vehicle and, to make matters worse, has been fined 50,000 euros for his troubles.

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