Ban on Beach Anglers

Next to be on the receiving end of a new ban in town are fishing rods on the beach. Now you may have noticed the number of lines quadrupling in the last year, but what made fishing so popular all of a sudden?
Well, for those of you who can think back to last March, you might remember the huge kafuffle when 30 tonnes of bream escaped from the fish factory of Salobreña. Keen to get a piece of the action people that had never picked up a fishing rod in their lives, donned their tackle, and commenced a mad scramble to catch as many of the little fugitives as possible. These were then sold at the local fish market for a small profit.
A nice little earner! Couple that now with the economic crisis and voila, hundreds of budding young fishermen up at the crack of dawn looking to practice their new skills and make some extra cash.
But the tangle of lines and bikini-clad bodies has been getting a little messy, imagine reeling in a small child instead of a gilthead! So the Council has decided to restrict fishing to the areas of beach between El Limite and El Gambullón, and only between the hours of 8pm and 9am. Probably not a bad idea: worried mothers can now rest easily that their children won’t end up in the soup pot.

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