The Language Tree

Have you had Spanish lessons yet? Have you tried to learn, but just felt it was all too difficult? Well, you obviously have given the lovely people at The Language Tree in Almuñécar a go!
They realise not everyone wants to hold an in depth conversation about the political and social leanings of the masses, but would perhaps at least be able to shop, ask for directions and generally live life without feeling like a complete plonker when someone just asks you the time.
Julia explained that their beginners Spanish for the ‘hard of learning’ assists people who have struggled in the past and believe they are either too ‘mature’ or just unable to ‘take it all in.’
Don’t think that this is the only type of class offered at this brilliant modern school, they offer English and Spanish classes for all levels and age groups.
So if you have been putting off learning the language that surrounds you every day, then get off your ‘I can’t do it’ bottom and telephone or pop in to The Language Tree today!
The Language Tree, Edificio Delfin, Local 7, Paseo de Cotobro, Almuñécar.
Tel. 958 882 196
MapSpot 41.

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