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Many of us have enjoyed Marks ‘walk through’ the continents menus. So I asked him, as we have now been around the world, would that be the end of our Friday treats at Los Laureles.
“Far from it,” was the reply, “We will be preparing a ‘tasting menu’ to replace the ‘walk through’ season, there will still be 6 courses, and the price will still be €19.50, but the dishes will be some of my favourites and can be accompanied by a specific wines to suit the dishes for just €15 more.”
I have to say that I was rather impressed with this, but the next bit of information was a real bonus… the menu del dia, which was a bargain at €15 has now been reduced to just €12! Of course, I decided, in the interests of factual reporting, to partake, and I am able to inform readers that the service and quality is still top notch.
Los Laureles, La Ribera Baja, 14. Almuñécar.
Tel. 958 069 132 or 691 909 267.
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