A Very Nice Man

I always enjoy my short visits to see José Luis Sánchez Parejo, a local lawyer in La Herradura. This softly spoken, affable young man chats with me about mundane things really, like the weather, fiestas and families. Nothing gives away his expertise in many legal fields, such as, wills and inheritance, real estate and property, traffic, industrial law and company set-up, even tax for residents and non residents.
His English is excellent and his dedication and professionalism obvious, and although none of us wants to require the services of a lawyer, I for one carry this mans number with me at all times, because in my experience, you never know what’s around life’s corner, and one thing is for sure, if I do require such services, I want someone I can talk to and who is capable and honest… and in my humble opinion José Luis is all of those things.
José Luis Sánchez Parejo, Calle Giralda, Edificio Princesa, 1ºF, La Herradura.
Tel. 958 827 947 or 657 373 107.
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