The PP’s rebellion…

The PP’s rebellion against the Mayor; i.e., their call for a vote of no confidence, has not come cheap, because the Mayor has withdrawn the salaries of two PP secretaries in the party’s town-hall-based offices. It was the Mayor himself that called the two women to inform them that their services were no longer required. He did it personally, he said, out of deference to them as people, not to the PP. Therefore, Mayoral Resolution 792/09 confirms that secretaries Maria Teresa Matías and María José Tobío are out of a job.
But the loss of two staff in the Town Hall is not the only ‘collateral damage’ suffered as a result of their proposing a vote of no confidence – it also looks as if one of their councillors could defect!
Francisco Ledesma, the councillor in question, objected to signing the motion, which caused sparks to fly within the party. The outcome is that the PP provincial head quarters are contemplating expelling him from the party. But Sr Ledesma has an important heavyweight defending his action… The Mayor. But let’s go back the beginning.
Sr Ledesma had convened a press call in front of which he expressed his objection to his party’s call for a vote of no confidence. He read from a prepared statement.
In the statement he said that after five days of reflection he had decided to put his signature to the motion only out of respect for party discipline.  The party was incensed. He was informed that he should report to the local party head quarters and hand over his Acta de Concejal  (Certificate of Election) at five in the afternoon – he didn’t turn up.
The very next day the Mayor came out in support of errant Sr Ledesma and denounced the harassing of the said gentleman by the PP and the PSOE.
Well, all this happened at the beginning of the month and not much has been heard since, although there has been a fair amount of speculation as to what happens next. Quite a few of more cynical people within the body politic of Almuñécar believe that this is the first step in Sr ledesma’s moving into the Mixed Group as and independent councillor, effectively denying the PP of one of its five councillors in the Town Council, and more importantly, his becoming the Mayor’s eleventh councillor giving him the one vote he needs to have a majority in the Council.
This second possibility would be a déjà vu for the PP, because that is precisely what happened in the previous electoral period when one of it’s councillors, Andrés Palacios, defected to the Mixed Group and voting in favour of any motion put forward by the Mayor.
We can only wait and see how this develops…

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