The referendum

Moving on to the referendum – which is another point covered in the interview – the Mayor says that the total cost of the campaign for the municipal coffers was 79,659 euros, which, he points out, works out at just over two euros a head for the Almuñequeros and La Herradureños.
The actual break down for that figure is as follows: publicity 46,559 euros, printer 17,941 euros, transport 492 euros, electoral management 7,324 euros, polling-booth staff allowance 2,520, administration representatives 1,748 euros, electoral secretary and collaborator 2,365 euros and, finally, the Guardia Civil 708 euros.
The Town Hall released these figures to demonstrate, the Mayor claims, that the media and opposition exaggerated the expenditure of the referendum to undermine the credibility of the Convergencia Andaluza (governing party).
The opposition prior to this press release by the Town Hall put the cost of the Referendum at around 150,000 euros. When a journalist asked how much it had cost on that occasion, the Mayor answered that he wasn’t sure yet, but even if it had been the figure that the opposition claimed, then it would have been a cheap price to pay.
Both the PSOE and the IU consider that the Mayor demonstrated considerable arrogance to state that the price wasn’t important, especially coming just before his controversial announcement that the Town Hall was having trouble meeting the financial commitment to pay staff salaries.

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