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Ambulance Loses Drunken Brit

By Hugh MacArthur

A group of Brits got into a drunken fight in Benidorm (surprise!) resulting in one of them needing an ambulance. However, the ambulance lost him on the way to the hospital. »

Pupils Trapped on Sierra Nevada

By Vivienne Hughes

A total of 49 pupils and four teachers from IES Historiador Chabàs (Dénia, Alicante)) were trapped for two days in a mountain refuge on Sierra Nevada. »

Sadly British

By Martin Myall

A British woman has made the Spanish news for failing miserably to care for her toddler - she could be charged for child abandonment. »

Police Brutality?

By Vivienne Hughes

There's a video on Twitter, which we have reproduced here, that has caused quite a stir on social media: a policeman slaps a woman to the ground. »

Mother Stabbed Own Baby

By Hugh MacArthur

(ESP04) A young woman admitted in court on Monday the 11th, behind closed doors, that she had stabbed her own baby shortly after having given birh to it, killing it. »

So The Wife Wouldn’t Find Out

By Hugh MacArthur

A man was arrested in Monforte del Cid (Alicante) for making a false statement concerning an alleged mugging - he had made it all up because he was scared of telling his wife the truth. »

German Woman Shot Dead

By Vivienne Hughes

A 35-year-old German woman was murdered yesterday in Vinarós (Castellón, Valencia) by her ex of the same nationality. »

What Kind of Person?

By Martin Myall

An enraged crowd was outside Nº 12 Calle Parel Castells in Azirea when the handcuffed man, accused of slitting his 2-year-old daughter's throat, emerged, protected by the police. »

Young Girls Injured

By Editor

Five young girls were injured when they fell from a height of four metres when the skylight that they were standing on collapsed. »

Aged but Dangerous

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional an elderly man for allegedly killing and younger man at an old persons’ home in Quart de Poblet in Valencia. »

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