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Horse Causes Road Death

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil have identified the owner of a horse (thanks to its microchip) that caused a road accident resulting in a death. »

The Tragic Nineteenth

By Vivienne Hughes

Yesterday harvested the lives of three toddlers in separate accidents across the country. We have already covered the drowning of a 4-year old in Órgiva, but two more died on the same day. »

Killed by Falling Branch

By Vivienne Hughes

A young girl was killed outside her school by a falling branch during high winds in Toledo on Monday the 13th. »

Children Thrown from Window

By Vivienne Hughes

First reports speak of a mother in Recas, Toledo throwing her two small children out a window. She then threw herself out. »

Elderly Man Beats Victim to Death with Walking Stick

By Martin Myall

A 78-year-old man allegedly brained his 93-year-old room mate with his walking stick - they didn't get on, it seems. The incident occurred on the 15th in a private home for the elderly in Buenaventura, Toledo. »

Pitbull Runs Amok

By Louise Powell

A adult pitbull terrier escaped from his owner and ran amok for six hours during which it bit a child in the face and attacked to other minors. The incident occurred in Toledo. »

Highway Thieves Arrested

By Martin Myall

A gang of robbers who preyed on foreign drivers has been arrested by the Guardia Civil. The modus operandi was to target foreign travellers parked in the rest areas of autovias and autopistas. »

Brit Missing in Avalanche

By Editor

Hope for Brit caught in an avalanche in the Sierra Nevada in Granada, Spain, fade, as no trace is found after more than 36 hours. »

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