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Lifeguards Signing Off

By David Darby

Lifeguard cover for Almuñécar and La Herradura will cease this Sunday. So, take good care when taking a dip, and keep a close eye on those kiddywinks! »

La Herradura Across-The-Bay Race

By Louise Powell

Alberto Esquitino from the Club Natación Churriana was the overall winner of the La Herradura swimming race. »


By Nicola Westby

Now the weather is beginning to warm up, no doubt you will soon be needing a dip in the pool to cool yourself down, but don’t be caught out by finding your pool isn’t quite up to scratch. Whether it’s a broken pump or filter, or possibly just a few chemicals, make sure you... »

New Indoor Pool

By Héloïse Nolan

A second indoor swimming pool is to be opened by the end of 2009 in the Los Alamos area of Motril. »

Casa Técnica

By David Darby

The Ed dragged me in to see the guys at Casa Técnica recently… I say dragged, because I was expecting to be bored by miles of pipes and wires along with explanations about the technology where I would nod knowingly after each sentence having understood little or nothing. However, Erhard is, I am pleased... »

The Whole Hole

By David Darby

he Editor said to me there was a hole, and he needed me to look into it, which I did, and it was deep! The real point is, that many of us, on occasion, need holes, whether it is for a septic tank, a swimming pool or even footings for a building project. And this... »

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