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Stabbing in Salobreña

By Vivienne Hughes

A man was attacked and stabbed at the main entrance to a block of flats where he lives in Salobreña yesterday. »

La Rábita Stabbing

By Vivienne Hughes

A young woman in her 20s has been arrested in La Rábita after allegedly stabbing her ex-boyfriend of a similar age in his home. »

Fatal Stabbing in Órgiva

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil arrested a man in connection with a stabbing within the municipal dependency of Las Barreras, belonging to Órgiva. »

Woman Stabs Ex

By Vivienne Hughes

A woman was arrested yesterday in Cúllar Vega for stabbing her ex after he broke his court order to keep his distance. She has since been released. »

Father Stabs His Own Child

By Hugh MacArthur

A father, who had stabbed and killed his 8-year-old son, turned himself in to the Guardia Civil in Almería yesterday evening. »

A Knifing incident in Gualchos

By Hugh MacArthur

A 57-year-old man was injured after a knifing incident in Gualchos, which is a small village just above Castell de Ferro. »

Minors No Minor Problem

By Hugh MacArthur

The Basque regional police have arrested two 14-year olds for the alleged brutal beating and subsequent deaths of an elderly couple in Otxarkoaga. »

Tip the Gorilla

By Martin Myall

(MGL) Do you ever wonder whether to give the unofficial parking attendant a tip or not; you know, the one with an unsettling smile and cleans his nails with a flick knife. »

Motril Stabbing over Noise

By Vivienne Hughes

(FVM) A man in Motril was arrested by the Policía Nacional after allegedly stabbing several times a neighbour over an excessive-noise dispute. »

Beach Bar Stabbing

By Hugh MacArthur

A scuffle at a beach bar in Motril resulted in one man getting stabbed on Friday the 28th of August. The man, whose identity has not been made known, was badly wounded. »

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