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The Tragic Nineteenth

By Vivienne Hughes

Yesterday harvested the lives of three toddlers in separate accidents across the country. We have already covered the drowning of a 4-year old in Órgiva, but two more died on the same day. »

Spain to Pay Out

By Martin Myall

Spain has lost an international court case over green-energy funding, which was cut back in 2010 leaving the British company Eiser in the lurch. »

2017 National Budget

By Martin Myall

The 2017 Budget which is about to be approved, thanks to Basque nationalist backing, can be summed up in the following fashion: incoming! »

Paraglider Blunder

By David Darby

Unfortunately, today Tuesday 18th April, a Spanish pilot misjudged his approach to Velilla Beach in Almuñécar and ended up, dangling from a tree. »

El Convento March Events

By David Darby

Celebrating their 2nd anniversary, El Convento (Almuñécar) is having a special music night on the 1st with music by Russell and Chris. »

Illegal Dog Fights Busted

By Martin Myall

A huge police operation in Madrid, Alicante, Murcia and Tenerife has cracked an illegal, dog-fighting ring and rescued a total of 230 dogs. »

Further Otívar Rock Fall

By David Darby

Following the damage caused when a large rock fell onto parked cars in Otívar last month, there has now been further slippage in the village. »

Explosion in French Nuclear Plant

By Martin Myall

Twenty-four hours after the Spanish Government spoke of authorising the reopening of an ageing nuclear power station in Spain, there has been an explosion in a French one. »

Film in English – La La Land

By David Darby

There will be a film in English next week (with subtitles in Spanish) on Monday 23 January at 18.00h in the Casa de la Cultura, Almuñécar. (Be sure to note that this time the film is being shown on a Monday not Tuesday). »

Mortgage Floor Clauses

By Maria Teresa Velasco

On the 21 December 2016, the European Court of Justice produced a Judgment, in relation to mortgage loans and the limitations set by the Spanish Supreme Court, regarding the unfair practice of clauses relating to minimum interest rates. »