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Double-Edged Tourism

By Martin Myall

Cataluña has been in the Spanish headlines for a while, thanks to the independence movements and the proposed illegal referendum in October, but now it’s something else. »

Down The Drain

By Martin Myall

According to the Bank of Spain, taxpayers will lose 70% of public funds used to rescue Spanish savings banks. »

Bye Bye Roaming

By Martin Myall

Today is the big day that roaming charges disappear in Europe - it only took ten years; before even smart phones existed - but the day has finally come. »

More Anti-Smoking Regulations

By Martin Myall

SPN Health WarningsThe Board of Ministers has approved a Royal Decree and a draft bill that should result in electronic cigarettes having to show health warnings on their packaging. »

Earthquake in Spanish Banks

By Martin Myall

Banco Popular has just been bought by Banco Santander for the symbolic sum of just one euro. However, the purchaser also has to cover the 7,900-million-euro hole. »

The Tragic Nineteenth

By Vivienne Hughes

Yesterday harvested the lives of three toddlers in separate accidents across the country. We have already covered the drowning of a 4-year old in Órgiva, but two more died on the same day. »

Spain to Pay Out

By Martin Myall

Spain has lost an international court case over green-energy funding, which was cut back in 2010 leaving the British company Eiser in the lurch. »

2017 National Budget

By Martin Myall

The 2017 Budget which is about to be approved, thanks to Basque nationalist backing, can be summed up in the following fashion: incoming! »

Paraglider Blunder

By David Darby

Unfortunately, today Tuesday 18th April, a Spanish pilot misjudged his approach to Velilla Beach in Almuñécar and ended up, dangling from a tree. »

El Convento March Events

By David Darby

Celebrating their 2nd anniversary, El Convento (Almuñécar) is having a special music night on the 1st with music by Russell and Chris. »