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Another Court Decision Uproar

By Martin Myall

The court decision to let the Manada out of prison on bail has caused massive demonstrations all across the country. »

The Government Falls

By Martin Myall

(DCU04/COH06B) A little after 11.30h this morning the No-Confidence Motion was carried with a parliamentary majority, bringing Mariano's Premiership to and end and ushering Pedro Sánchez's. »

Willy, Will He or Won’t He?

By Martin Myall

Willy Toledo, who is being taken to court by a fundamentalist Catholic association, absolutely refuses to attend court to answer 'blasphemy' charges. »

Cost of Electricity Soars

By Martin Myall

And you think the price of petrol is going up fast - what about electricity! In the first fortnight of May the price per MWH went up 13%! »

Tipping the Balance

By David Darby

There are some crazy stories circulating around Almuñécar at the moment about leaving tips for waiting staff when eating out. »

Raped by the Judicial System

By Martin Myall

If you thought that the court finding on the Manada (Wolf Pack) rape case was shameful, then be prepared for even worse. »

Freed Incurable Rapist

By Martin Myall

(COE30) Gregorio Cano, a multiple rapist, has spent 20 years in prison and at midnight, last night, he was due to be released. »

Tighter ITV Conditions

By Martin Myall

Getting older cars through their ITV inspection is getting more and more difficult because quite frankly, the authorities don't want them on the road. »

Judges Produce Nationwide Rage

By Martin Myall

Following the announcement yesterday that the five men who had 'arguably' raped a young woman had only been found guilty of sexual abuse, the country erupted. »

The End of ETA?

By Martin Myall

The Basque terrorist group, ETA, has officially asked to be forgiven today, announcing its dissolution in 15 days. »

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