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Ryanair Cabin-Luggage Move

By Hugh MacArthur

You will probably have heard by now that Ryanair will be charging for most hand luggage taken into the cabin; a controversial move. »

Blasphemy in the 21st Century

By Hugh MacArthur

Spanish actor, Willy Toledo, who has been taken to court for insulting God and the Virgin has come out in support of a Spanish comedian, Carlos Santiago. »

The Supreme Flip Flops

By Martin Myall

No, it's not about footwear but about the behaviour of the Supreme Court of the land's behaviour over mortgage Stamp Duties. »

Good News on Mortgages

By Martin Myall

The Spanish Supreme Court has just reversed its own findings and sentenced that the banks should have paid the costs in a mortgage transaction. »

The Other Bubble Trouble

By Martin Myall

The housing-market bubble taught us that bricks are not always the safest investment, despite what our parents had drummed into us, but it's not over. »

Autumn Arrives

By Martin Myall

Autumn started this morning at 03.54h (CET+1) and will last 89 days and 20 hours, finishing on the 21st of December. »

Salobreña Mechanic Robbed

By David Darby

The Guardia Civil has arrested a 25-year-old man and also identified another 36-year-old who allegedly attacked and robbed a mechanic from Salobreña, who they had called to fix their car. »

Tourism Increase

By David Darby

With overnight stays up by 3.2% to 502,566. The average stay also increased to five days. All of which is up on the figures for 2017, which is pretty good as these figures don't include August, it's just up to the end of July. »

Andalusia Seeks Migration Help

By David Darby

Motril has received record numbers of migrants this year already and we're only in September. This human tragedy was brought into sharp focus yesterday as the Motril Town Hall arranged the burial of the five migrants, four men and one woman, who lost their lives at sea after their inflatable boat was sank. »

A Message from The Choir of Almuñécar

By Anne Eastwood

New singers are always very very welcome - we sing in three to eight part harmony - a wide range of pieces from secular to sacred. Ability to read music is not required although we work from music scores - but you will be expected to work at home with midi files. »

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